St. Lucia

St. Lucia is one of the least developed of the Caribbean Islands, and also one of the most dramatic, with its spectacular conical peaks and a live volcano on the island. Whether you choose a black sand or white sand beach, you’ll find it an ideal spot for unwinding and exploring.

Stunning Beaches for Relaxation and Play
If you’re looking for tranquility and a chance to frolic in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, head to the western side of St. Lucia (Surfers: go to the east). You’ll be delighted by the beauty at these gorgeous beaches:

Sugar Beach/Jalousie Beach: It’s hard to imagine a location more beautiful than this one, situated as it is between the Piton Mountains, which frame your view of the sea. The 1,800-foot dropoff at the foot of the mountains makes for spectacular snorkeling and scuba diving.

Pigeon Island National Park: This beautiful beach for swimming and water sports also holds some real history. Visit Fort Rodney to learn its story, then go underground beneath the fort to visit the hidden rum bar.

Anse Chastanet: The volcanoes of St. Lucia helped form the black sand on this beach, which is surrounded by coral reefs. Explore the St. Lucia marine reserves from here, either via a guided snorkeling boat trip or by borrowing snorkel equipment from the beach’s scuba center.

Explore the Beauty of the Island
There’s much more to do on St. Lucia than just lying on the beach. Check out some of the most fun and fascinating activities for your active vacation:

Get dirty in the mud baths: Near Sulphur Springs, you’ll find St. Lucia’s acclaimed mud pools, famed for their ability to rejuvenate your skin and help you de-stress (and isn’t that why you came on vacation in the first place?).

Adventure in the rain forest: You don’t have to stay on the ground when you explore the rain forest. Take an aerial tram to get a bird’s eye view of the canopy, or zipline your way through the trees.

Hike the island: Try a guided hike on the Tet Paul Nature Trail to explore the beauty of St. Lucia and learn a little about the island’s culture.

St. Lucia Dining at Its Best
Whether you prefer a romantic spot with an incredible sunset view or a spicy local dish filled with flavour, St. Lucia can keep you well-fed and very, very happy. Try these spots to enjoy the best of the island:

Dasheene: You get the best of both worlds here: spectacular views of the Pitons and the ocean, along with re-imagined specialties from the island (try the roast conch in a basket of yams). Be prepared to dress up for this spot.

Big Chef Steakhouse: This is the place to eat in Rodney Bay Village, especially if you’re a fan of fork-tender steaks and amazing desserts.

The Coal Pot: This elegant spot has been popular for 50 years, so you know they’re doing something right. Get ready for French and Creole dishes using seafood you may never have tried before (barracuda, anyone)?

Martha’s Tables: Yes, there’s a real Martha — you’re actually eating on her porch when you stop at this casual spot that serves authentic Creole food in hearty portions.

When you have a personal villa to use as your home base, exploring St. Lucia becomes even more relaxing. Contact us to see how we can help you plan your dream getaway.