Enjoy Golf, Beach Clubs, and World Class Surfing from your Luxury Villa in Punta Mita

Why choose our luxury villas in Punta Mita?

There are a few destinations in the world where you can experience top-tier hospitality and wallow in breath-taking natural attractions. Tucked away in Banderas Bay, north of Riviera Nayarit, Punta Mita stands out as a haven where travelers experience the bliss of a dream-come-true getaway. It is the place where you’ll find multi-million-dollar homes and villas owned by the world’s richest. With a rich historical and cultural background, the town is a must-visit for those who relish to learn about the life of communities here. The nearby Marietas Islands are a natural paradise with flourishing marine life. You might be lucky to see humpback whales flipping and flapping in the water – your camera will really come in handy at such times.

The 1500-acre peninsula, where Punta Mita is located, is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. Thus, it has preserved its fishing industry in its traditional and authentic form. It is this authenticity that gives you the real feel of what the community here is all about. Going out of your villa rental and exploring other villages in the surrounding regions is the best bet of experiencing a tropical getaway. Below are some options you can consider.


Set north of Punta Mita, Sayulita is popular as a surfer’s heaven. Its gentle swells make it a perfect place for first-time surfers to enjoy hitting the waves or indulge in stand-up paddle boarding. The town shops and quaint retail houses have great products and crafts that will rekindle exciting holiday memories.

Puerto Vallarta

To the south lies Puerta Vallarta, which boasts of having the one and only international airport in the peninsula. The road from the airport runs along the beautiful coastline. While traveling, visitors have spectacular views of the Banderas Bay.

San Pancho

This is truly a hidden gem in Mexico and it is not surprising to find a Mexican puzzled about where San Pancho is. Regardless, the community here is full of talented artists and artisans. The mountainous landscape with its lush green vegetation add to San Pancho’s beauty. The beach is the ideal place to relax and view the amber sun rays setting beyond the horizon.

Our COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Providing safe and clean environments for our guests is a top priority. Our homes and luxury villas are not just cleaned, they are disinfected. Cleaning is the act of removing dirt, germs, and other impurities. Disinfecting is when you use chemicals to kill germs. All of our homes are cleaned first and then disinfected to lower the risk of infection.

All of our staff have undergone training on COVID-19 specific disinfection procedures in accordance with recommendations made by the World Health Organization, USA Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and local authorities in respect of cleaning for virus prevention. Protocols have been established in Barbados for all Tourism Accommodation to ensure the health and safety of our guests, staff and community. Comprehensive COVID-19 guidance is in place globally detailing how to best protect against transmission of the virus and we have included this in our protocols for cleaning procedures including frequent cleaning of high-touch areas. Full logs are being kept of our sanitization processes and confirmation that our homes are prepared for your arrival and throughout your stay to the highest standards. Every home is inspected prior to arrival.

Our staff are being monitored for their own health to keep both our team and guests safe and protocols are in place for use of Personal Protective Equipment. In line with internationally recommended safety practices we have placed a minimum of two days between bookings as much as possible to ensure that we have more than adequate time to clean, sanitize and prepare homes for your arrival. Many of our staff have already received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as well.

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, we have worked hard to adapt to changes in consumer demands and the tourism sector. Although we are happy to have received such an overwhelmingly positive response to our new hygiene and sanitation protocols, successfully taking care of our guests during a time of uncertainty has been the epitome of our company’s pride. Personal Villas is 100% committed to providing you with an experience that is not only remarkable, but clean and safe too. Our new initiatives and policies outlined below are designed to ensure the ongoing safety of guests and team members during the COVID-19 pandemic:


The following measures have been put in place for the health of both staff members and guests:

-Face masks, gloves & face shields: staff will use when guests in residence

-Social distancing: 6 ft when possible with guests & other staff

-Hand washing/sanitizing: upon arrival & on a regular basis

-Control: any staff with symptoms or exposed to Covid 19 will not enter


The following measures have been put in place within the luxury villas for the ongoing safety of guests:

-Disinfecting floor mat at entrance

-Hand sanitizer/Gel in common areas

-Disinfecting wipes or spray provided in common areas (depending on availability)


The CDC recommends rooms be well ventilated, staff will open all windows, doors and turn on fans while cleaning or when appropriate.


Light switches, doorknobs, remote controls, taps & bannisters to be disinfected on a regular basis.


All food, beverages & items purchased for the guests will be disinfected at the time they are delivered. Including all fresh Fruits & Vegetables & exterior products & packaging.


Guests have the option to minimize the staff presence & interaction. The villas include full staff & pride themselves on the level of service, we appreciate that during this time it is a personal choice and some guests may prefer less staff interaction. Let us know and we will work with you to help make this a great experience, food and beverage shopping can be delivered, some food prepared & left in the fridge and cleaning staff scheduled to fit your pool time.


These will all be washed & dried at The Highest Heat Setting Recommended by The Manufacturer, including bedsheets, mattress covers, hand & bath towels, kitchen towels, blankets & bed covers. Staff will wear gloves when handling dirty laundry.


A system of cleaning with Soap or Detergent & water to remove dirt & germs. Then Disinfecting with approved products to kill germs & manage the COVID 19 Virus.


Only products with Bleach, a minimum of 70% alcohol, & disinfectants registered by the Environmental Protection Agency are believed to be effective against the coronavirus.

Learn more about our cleaning protocol here.

Top things to do

While Punta Mita may have a reputation as a gem of the Mexican peninsula, many travelers are yet to discover the quaint island-like destination. The place is full of outdoor attractions; from its gorgeous beaches, ultra-luxurious resorts, surfing spots, golf courses and historical sites. Whether you travel solo, as a couple, as a group or as a family, renting a luxury villa in Punta Mita will get any visitor of any age engaged in a thrilling activity. Here are some of the top activities to do in and around the resort:

Golfing In Punta Mita

When mentioning the best, top-flight golf courses in the world, only a number of destinations come to mind: Georgia, South Carolina, Scotland, and Ireland. But tucked away in the Mexican peninsula are top-tier golf courses with undulating fairways near white-sand beaches with spectacular views of the blue waters. Both beginners and professional golfers can find a course that matches their skills.

Golfing enthusiasts also have something very special to look forward to in Mexico’s Punta de Mita. There are two award-winning Jack Nicklaus Signature courses where golfers can put their swinging skills as they enjoy great views of the sea. They include Pacifico and Bahia courses.

Designed carefully and developed with meticulous environmental planning, Punta Mita golf facilities feature technologically updated weather centres that monitor groundwater, only allowing for irrigation when need be, thus offering an eco-friendly, sustainable outdoor option. The turf is nourished using organic fertilizers instead of artificial herbicides and pesticides. The insecticides used on the greenbelt bordering the ocean are biodegradable products.

Where to golf?

Having these courses puts more than 25 acres of green land under protection. All greens meet the United States Golf Association’s quality standards, which requires the ground to feature multi-layered components: gravel, sand and moss. Here’s a list of Punta Mita’s golf courses that stand up to the world’s renowned clubs:

Pacifico Golf Course

The Pacifico Golf course covers a 200-acre piece of land and offers something unique with its proximity to the sea. It borders luxurious holiday villas and gorgeous white-sand beaches that exude a chilled-out ambiance. It has 16 holes, eight on either side of the course. Imagine playing golf as you see the migrating whales showcasing their incredible moves in the sea. No wonder it was recognized as the best golf course on the planet by Conde Nast Traveler.

The fringes of palm and blossoming flowers are the things that add to the novelty of this course. Interestingly, beginners find the course as a nice place to start but experienced players find it challenging.

Bahia Golf Course

Bahia golf course is for the enthusiastic golfer who doubles up as a nature lover. The course has breath-taking lakes and meandering streams separating different holes. Unlike the original course, the remodelled version has undulating landscapes that bring out the best of professional golfers.

While the Bahia course has its unique natural splendor, it also has a hole with sloping fairways and magnificent views of the Bay of Banderas. Additionally, the course boasts of having a hole tucked a few meters from the popular El Faro beach, a perfect surfing spot.

Las Huertas Golf Club

Nestled near the seaside, gated community of Punta Mita, Las Huertas is a luxurious, lush golf course with a beautiful nine-holed design on either side, which makes it a preferred choice for a quick morning play. Although completing the entire 18-hole course is a daunting undertaking, guests find it a great course for practice. After shooting, grab a refreshing beverage or your favorite Mexican dish at the Club House at affordable prices. Families flock to the beach club as it appeals to handicap players who want to skip the frustrations involved with a challenging g course.

Surfing in Punta Mita

Are you a beginner in surfing? Or maybe you’re a skilled professional chasing the raging and towering waves; whatever your skill level, the glorious waters of the Mexican Peninsula have conditions for every level. A peninsula resembles an island, only that it is part of the mainland, and it is this geography that exposes the northwest and southwest shores to surf breaks. The case is the same all year round meaning you can head out and hit the waves whenever you deem fit. If surfing causes your adrenaline level to spike, then it’s time to grab your surfboard and go to one of these spots.

Riviera Nayarit

The four seasons private beach in Riviera Nayarit has planned surfing programs to get each member of the family on his/her board. The wave swells here are gentle and great for amateur surfers. Guests can also book for guided boat tours during which they can access breaks lasting between 5-15 minutes.

La Lancha

The La Lancha beach presents excellent surfing conditions to both locals and visitors. You have to walk from downtown Punta Mita (about 40 minutes) or access it by boat. Whichever means you use, La Lancha has both right and left swells for both long and short boarders. For the best experience, chase the waves during low tides, because the best swells form when all other weather factors are low.

The Cove

Regarded locally as La Bahia, The Cove is located in the Banderas Bay, west of the peninsula. Again, it is ideal for longboarding and short boarding. Its exposure to the southwest presents favorable surf breaks. Swells here are bigger than others, therefore, it is best to go surfing early in the morning. Besides, the tropical warmth means the waters are quite compelling.

El Anclote

Beginners find the waves at El Anclote tolerable as they roll slowly and stretch across a long area. Due to these conditions, the beach attracts a lot of guests and provides the best places to go boarding on the longest, gentle swells. During the good days, longboarders can find swells reaching up to 7-9 ft. high.

Punta Burros

Punta Burros lies east of La Lancha, and is accessible from Punta Mita’s downtown using a boat, taxi or bus. Winds blow from north to northwest causing consistent swells. Surfers can either bring their long or short boards to enjoy waves rolling toward the right-hand direction. It’s also suited for lefties who can find snappy left turns for a more spirited experience.


Accessible by car or boat, Veneros is a fantastic surf spot for both longboards and shortboards. The waters here swell to maximum height when winds are offshore. Boogie boarders and wave chasers can put their skills to action on the rapid waves. Sometimes, the long, right swells form hollows, which present the best challenge to the pros.

El Faro

Strategically located in the southernmost point of the Mexican Peninsula, El Faro is known for its three levels of long, right swells. It’s an ideal spot for long and short boards. To have a good surfing time, schedule for a session during the AM as it can get crowded and rough as the day progresses.

Stand-Up Paddling in Punta Mita

Punta Mita is known for its water-sport loving culture. That said, the destination is becoming famous for SUP tours. With the vibrant marine life and clear waters, visitors can explore the corals and sea bed while experiencing a relaxed paddling adventure. It is not only a way of discovering what the Banderas Bay has to offer but also to learn a new water sport.

There are several companies like WildMex that offer paddling lessons to beginners in Punta Mita where there are calm, silent waters. As a therapeutic activity, SUP in calm waters while meditating helps in alleviating bad mental energies, leaving you feeling rejuvenated from body to soul.

Visit Las Islas Marietas

Marietas is a collection of small islands set off the northwestern coast of Puerto Vallarta. There are entirely no settlements in the islands, and that’s the reason behind its untouched character. Visiting the islands is a must-do in Vallarta. You only need to hear about the incredible adventures and tours in Marietas and you’ll involuntarily find yourself there.

There are plenty of things to do on the islands. Bird watchers come to see and take photos of indigenous bird species like the booby. Others come to seek the thrill of the hidden beach while others come to enjoy the marine life in the coral reefs through scuba diving and snorkeling.

How to get there

In the bid to reach Marietas Islands, visitors have to do a bit of swimming – remember to bring your A-game in swimming. You can book a chartered boat tour in Puerto Vallarta to the Marietas Island National Park. The ride starts from Nayarit and usurps about 40 minutes. The excursion guides here know their way on the water and will gladly point at the 40-ft tunnel where visitors have to swim to access the hidden beach. There is no need to hold your breath as there is plenty of space above you for enough air.

If you’re spending a few days in Sayulita, it means you have to backtrack to get to Punta Mita. There is a bus terminal at Sayulita. Travelers can board a bus bound for Vallarta or Bucerias (let the driver know that you’re on your way to Punta de Mita). Normally, visitors alight the bus at Bucerias, then wait for a bus headed to Punta Mita. It’s relatively easy to access the town and only takes about 45 minutes.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

Early! Early! Early! It’s better to forgo breakfast just so you can find the island somewhat secluded. It only takes a few hours after dawn before visitors in adventure boats start streaming in. Recommended, wake up early enough and get to the island before 10 am to beat the large throngs. If you slot whale watching as part of your holiday treats, then you’ll have to make a trip to the Marietas between December and March.

Things to Do in Islas Marietas

With the influx of guests making their way from the peninsula to Marietas Islands, it is no doubt that there is truly a hidden gem to explore there. The islands not only offer great views of the water, but offer endless opportunities to wallow in the pangs of natural flora and fauna. If you want to explore further, here are some of the top attractions.

Playa del Amor (Hidden Beach)

Many seaside features form because of the waves, but not the Marietas’ hidden beach. Formed from bomb tests in the 1900s, the Playa del Amor is literally invisible. Neither boats nor other sea crafts can make its way to the small dome-shaped rock enclosure with a wide round opening at the top. In this protected area, visitors are only permitted to sunbathe or swim in the water.

Incredible Wildlife

Playa del Amor truly captures all your attention but that’s not the only attraction in the islands. These islands were formed through volcanicity and have grown in natural richness and splendor. Weapon tests may have disturbed the ecosystem, driving away most animal species. After a halt was put to the tests, native animal species returned to the islands. Today, you can have clear shots of the blue-footed booby and other blossoming plants.

Explore the Underwater Ecosystem

Discovered by Jacques Cousteau, an acclaimed oceanographer, Las Islas Marietas present one of the perfect spots to discover the marine environment teeming with plenty of fish and reefs. Guests have a fun time engrossing themselves in many kinds of water activities including scuba diving and snorkeling. The waters are so clear that it is easy to see eels, starfish, sea horses, and manta rays only to mention a few. Additionally, whale watching tours take you to the Banderas Bay where guests watch the humpback whales in their natural character (from December to March).

Top Restaurants

The Punta Mita community has held to its traditions for many centuries. This heritage has also spilled over to the gastronomical aspect of the town. If you’re a gourmand looking to taste the ingredients and cuisines in this part of Latin America, then here’s a list of top 10 restaurants in Punta Mita and the surrounding area so that in addition to enjoying the perfection your luxury villa’s private chef, you can test renowned nearby restaurants.

Casa Teresa

Casa Teresa specializes in authentic Italian cuisines served in a graciously decorated outdoor area. The family-run eatery uses Italian ingredients shipped from Sicily and prepares scrumptious dishes using traditional techniques and local ingredients from local markets and butcheries. The bar here depicts a grotto style and sets each table with its own press-to-release wine jar.

Boca Deli

If you crave a palatable cappuccino and a fresh, sizzling croissant, then this is a nice place to start. Boca Deli has a modern, contemporary feel and guests have the chance to eat indoors or sit at the patio. The staff here are welcoming and you can really feel that you belong. After eating, visit the retail shop next door and purchase some beautiful handmade products: pillows, boxes, and dresses.

Norma’s Tacos

Located in the community of Emiliano Zapato, Punta Mita, Norma’s Tacos is the only place you expect to taste authentic and delectable tacos, sopes, tostadas, and pozole. The family-managed restaurant is set in the front yard of the owner’s home and will appeal to visitors who want to have casual dinner. You can also try a glass of freshly-made agua de avena.


Just as its name suggests, Margarita’s is one of the best places to treat yourself to large margaritas. And if you want to take your eating session a notch higher, ask for liquor shots from the bar. Margarita’s is set just along the beachfront and guests have the choice of grabbing a chair and lounge on the patio. Looking for a fun night out? Head down to Margarita’s.

Rosa Mexicano

Next to Margarita’s, Rosa Mexicano fills the atmosphere with aromatic mixtures of flavors. But if you travel for food, you should notice the sweet-smelling lobsters, bean and sweet cone mixture, heated roma tomatoes, mahi mahi tacos, and tortilla among others. It has a simple décor but don’t be fooled by the looks; you’ll discover great palatable dishes.

Naef Café

Food service here is done in a relaxed, welcoming environment. With multicolored tables and chairs, Naef Café serves outstanding breakfast, lunch and dinner within a beautiful garden. The menu features Mexican delicacies with European twists. The eggs used are collected from the in-bred chickens. Naef Cafe excels in preparing ice creams, eggs and baked foodstuffs.

Tacos and Papas

Another tacos restaurant with an authentic, no-frill Mexican menu. This is the place where you can place an order for tortillas and watch them being prepared till it gets on your plate. Imagine a chicken dish garnished with a juicy guacamole and salsa. This combo can also go well with beef or tacos.

Tuna Blanca

Owned and managed by Thierry Blouet, a rock star come chef, Tuna Blanca serves Mexican foods, organic dishes and other seasonal cuisines. The technique of meal preparation encompasses modern recipes that feature a blend of Mexican ingredients with a traditional twist. Get inside and order a plate of octopus ceviche, or shrimp temazcal served with an accompanying glass of wine.


Located just 10 minutes from the city center, Mexique will blow your mind with its stellar meals. The atmosphere is traditional, featuring thatched-roof open huts tucked in a beautiful outdoor garden. Offering a potent fusion of Mexican and Thai techniques, guests can choose to have a tuna ceviche served with ginger soy and guacamole. Mexique also serves salads, cheese, sprouts and fresh vegetables from the garden.


Sufi restaurant is located at Playa Fortuna Beach Club, and specializes in a sublime menu combining both Mexicana and Mediterranean dishes. With an amazing, top-tier casual dining, guests have a beautiful view of the Banderas Bay as they eat the best of Mexiterranean cuisines. The staff welcome guests with a smile creating a sense of belonging.

Beach Clubs in Punta Mita

Punta Mita Beach Clubs exude an elite, upscale environment that can only be afforded by the affluent. Property owners can entertain their parties and guests in these gathering places. The magnificence of spending time in one of these paradises comes with the world-class services expanded here. The clubs are set along the shores of the ocean, meaning guests have the best views of the sky and horizon. These beach clubs also have outdoor pools, spas and fine dining during sunset. We’ve compiled a list of the top beach clubs that await you in Punta Mita.

Kupuri Beach Club

Overlooking Litibu Bay, Kupuri Beach Club receives an array of guests who come to experience a new wave of seaside enjoyment. It’s exclusively reserved for the elite club members and their villa renters who come to experience upscale club services and amenities. The beachfront here features white sands and blue waters of the bay.

There is a wide range of activities in Kupuri Beach Club, bringing in more visitors to this private beach. Everyone has an opportunity to get engrossed in an activity. The Coritas Kids’ Club has a baby pool where toddlers can splash and wade in the water. Teenagers have an electrifying clubhouse fully furnished with a HVAC system. The place has exciting video games and a long list of other activities. If you wish to have a rejuvenating massage, the peaceful Navi Spa offers top-notch health restoration sessions using traditional herbs and healing techniques.

The clubhouse has a resource centre that has a lot of water-sport gear and equipment for athletic travellers looking to indulge in a heart-pumping water activity. It is the ideal place for surfing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and windsurfing among others. After shedding calories on the beach, go for a family lunch time at the Kupuri restaurant for freshly prepared dishes and light foods that are synonymous to the beach.

Sufi Ocean Club

Sufi Ocean Club is among the newly developed beach clubs in Punta Mita. Here, visitors enjoy both ocean and pool swimming. It is strategically located on a beachfront overlooking Bahia de Banderas. It ranks among the best beaches in the Mexican Pacific Coast. It’s surroundings have a saltwater pool, lounge chairs and ample relaxation space by the shore. Additionally, the Punta Mita pier extends above the water, giving guests an easy access to the azure waters of the ocean water.

There is a palapa shack along the beach where holiday travellers grab light bites or taste delectable seafood dishes prepared in the Sufi restaurant. Afterwards, relax on the beach and sip your glass of wine or bottle of beer while watching the rolling waves of the ocean.

Ocean Sport tours are also available in Sufi Beach Club. The Punta Mita Water Sport excursions take guests to all the major destinations in the peninsula with beautiful beaches and coves. There is always something new every season and you can brace yourself to try out a new water sport the next time you travel to visit part of Mexico.

Saint Regis Beach Club

The St. Regis Sea Breeze Beach Club prides itself in the strikingly gorgeous beaches that let club members and their entourages enjoy the warm tropical weather at the seaside. Membership contracts are based on a yearly basis. Apart from its location in one of the most coveted beaches in Punta Mita, St. Regis beach club stands out as a spot to enjoy pool swimming, the sun, or eat scrumptious cuisines.

Residents Beach Club

Visiting the Residents’ Beach Club is a great way of enhancing your vacation experience in the Mexican peninsula. Both adults and children are welcomed, allowing families to enjoy memorable times together.

The restaurant here serves a long list of palatable cuisines that will mesmerize gourmands. Expect to tingle your taste buds with tasty seafood, local ingredients and regional cuisines. Moreover, the roster of water sports stretch from surfing and snorkeling to surfing and paddle boarding among others.

Romantic Getaway Guide

Although tranquil and quaint, Punta Mita is a crème de le crème destination littered with luxurious holiday homes and villas. The fishing village decorates the Mexican Pacific Coast with its natural beauty and cultural richness and it is why it falls in the radar of many couples looking to go for their honeymoon or just a romantic getaway. Here are top things to try when you travel to Punta Mita as a couple.

Go on a Romantic Sunset Cruise

If you wish to go on a romantic evening and welcome dusk in a lovely mood, take a yacht cruise to see the sun setting beyond the mountainous and rocky landscapes. As you cruise to view sun down, you get to sip fine wine or champagne at the comfort of puffy pillows and on-deck lounges.

Enjoy the sun on Playa El Anclote

Playa El Anclote is one of the best beaches in Punta Mita. Locals and visitors love it because of its beachfront restaurants, gentle surf breaks and easy access to the public. The only similarity with other beaches is that waves feature long swells that overlap to other neighboring beaches.

Watch the Migrating Humpback Whales

To catch the humpback whales in the Bay of Banderas, you’ll have to agree with your fiancée or spouse to make the trip between December and March. Once you get into the boat and set out to sea, it only takes moments before you see the massive whales appear out of the water and flap their tails. You can also hear their sharp squeals spreading across the ocean waters.

A Couple’s Massage Session

Relaxing and lush, Punta Mita ranks among the best destinations in the world to enjoy a therapeutic massage done by trained and experienced masseurs. Most hotels and villa rentals offer rejuvenating therapy in a state-of-the-art outdoor spa with stunning views of the blue waters of the ocean.

Feel the Zipline Adrenaline in Puerto Vallarta

If you love going out in the evening, then Puerta Vallarta is the place to be. Not the clubbing type of fun but a heart-racing experience of a sunset ziplining above a lush vegetation cover. The zipline excursion offers a chance to experience an aerial ride as you see the open ocean water from above as well as the breath-taking views of the Mexican peninsula. There are several tour agencies and companies in Punta Mita that offer safety gear and ziplining instructions to ensure you stay safe while gliding down the line.

History of Punta Mita

Punta Mita is an enchanted part of the Mexican peninsula located in the northernmost point of the Banderas Bay. Its tropical climates and island-like location means it is surrounded by pristine, crystal-clear waters of the bay and the Pacific Ocean. It’s a paradise to visitors who love the beach and has created a name for itself as a surfing destination. But do you know the history of this magical getaway?

Early History

Even from its etymological background, Punta Mita assumed its name from the Aztec word – mictlan. It means the entrance to paradise and its charm makes it the perfect getaway. Explorers and archeologists have discovered historical artefacts dating back to 2000 BC. At the time, only six ethnic groups had managed to establish settlements in this part of the peninsula. Historical records say that the earliest civilization came with the Cora, a tribe that thrived in agriculture (400-1200 AD), albeit most of its culture had been eroded. Other groups that inhabited Punta Mita include Aztatlan, Tepehuano, and Huichol.

The Spanish Era

The Spanish influence on the region began when they first made their stop at the stunning shores of the Riviera Maya in the early 1500s. Two decades later, Hernan Cortes, an infamous Spanish dictator, visited the country. His oppressive rule compelled the tribes to revolt against his administration. It took several attempts by the Catholic Church to reconcile the two warring factions and convert the natives to the Roman Catholic Church.

The road to Mexican independence started in 1810, pioneered by Miguel Hidalgo. Regardless, the struggle lasted for 11 years before Mexico got her independence, including the state of Nayarit. Jose Maria, a local clergyman, occupied Nayarit and San Blas, in the bid to free them from the Spanish.

Historical Evidences

Visitors who come to Punta Mita can still feel the ancient aura of the old fishing village. You can tread the trails in the Careyeros Mountains or visit the ruins of the Aztatlan Empire and travel back in history when these areas were used for astronomical and marine navigation purposes. Within the ruins there is a clergy’s home, an observatory and a ceremonial altar.

The Huichole Indians are the remnant pre-Columbian tribe that first occupied Punta Mita. They have clang to their cultural heritage since the ancient days and have definitely overcome the influence of modern civilization. They highly regard nature and it is this characteristic that has preserved Punta Mita as a magical paradise tucked away in the Pacific Coast. If you wish to dig deeper into the history of Punta Mita and its early settlers, take a tour to Huichol and interact with the locals there.

How to get to Punta Mita?

Punta Mita is simply a crown jewel of Mexico, albeit most people barely recognize the existence of such a hidden gem. Perhaps if you meet a local and explain its closeness to Puerto Vallarta, then it would pop up as a place in the Pacific Coast. But as Punta Mita lies in oblivion for most travellers, it’s highly frequented by the rich and famous. It is part of a country that underwent development to make it an idyllic destination; thanks to the efforts of President Luis Echeverria who discovered the magical vibe in the city and decided to transform it into the world-class retreat it has become today.

Home to two globally renowned golf courses, jungles, green vegetation, restaurants, and outstanding beaches, Punta Mita has a place to relax in a tranquil and scenic environment. There are different traveling options you can consider when planning on getting to the Mexican peninsula.

Traveling by Air

Air is the most preferred mode of transport and a straight-forward route to Punta Mita. By air, travellers land at Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport (PVR) in Puerto Vallarta. The airport serves many international destinations in the U.S and other parts of the globe. It’s barely an hour from Punta Mita.

Visitors have the option to book for ground transfer services complete with receiving-area greetings. The road to Punta Mita follows the coastline with out-of-this-world views of the Pacific Ocean.

Traveling by Sea

If you relish to access Punta Mita on a cruise ship, then you’ll use Marina Vallarta where there are readily available shuttle and cab services to take you to the resort village. From here, you cover 30 miles to Punta Mita, and that takes about one hour.

Immediately you arrive in Punta Mita, a taxi or car can transport you to your preferred destination or accommodation villa. Marietas Islands, located across Banderas Bay, is a scenic area to explore. Getting there requires a planned concierge service. The island offers snorkeling tours, but visitors will need to make arrangements to go for snorkeling excursions.

By Taxi

When traveling by taxi, it is critical to understand that many of the taxis available for transportation within the Punta Mita region lack meters. Therefore, come to an agreement about the price with the driver before hiring the taxi. The taxi transport system between Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita is efficient and accessible. The drivers know their way around and should have an easy time finding a convenient and quick route to your holiday accommodation or an outdoor attraction.

An UBER or other cab transportation is an alternative option. Call for a cab company and they’ll be glad to pick you up at the airport within a few minutes. If they can’t make it to the airport, you can head to Tacon de Marlin, just across the road.

By Bus/ Shuttle

Another viable means of getting to Punta de Mita is by bus. Although public buses are not so common, there’s a possibility of finding a bus at the station near the airport in Vallarta. All you need to do is to look at the travel schedule of different buses headed to the coastal village.

Other travellers opt to book their ground transfer services to the destination in advance. Airport shuttles are readily available regardless of the airport you choose in Mexico. Services range from standard shuttles that carry about 10-15 guests to VIP services that offer personalized transfers that include you, your entourage, and baggage.

Car Rental

Are you an adventurous traveler who loves exploring places solo? Then renting a car is the best option for getting to Punta Mita. There are numerous car rental brands with agencies at the Gustavo Diaz Ordaz airport in Puerto Vallarta. However, it is essential to keep in mind that most of these companies quote low charges as the price does not cater for mandatory insurance. U.S insurance companies do not cover travellers on vacation. But some credit card companies offer car insurance if clients use their credit cards to pay for their accommodation.

Private Car/ Driver

One good thing about hiring a private driver is that most cars used are covered by insurance. The drivers are experienced and hold Federal Driver’s Licenses. Most companies have different car models to suit your traveling needs.

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Cancellation Policy for our luxury villas rentals in Punta Mita

The Coronavirus outbreak has undoubtedly wreaked havoc on the global tourism industry and caused a series of disappointments for travelers. We understand that the ever-changing restrictions can be both stressful and overwhelming, so we want to reassure you that flexible cancellation policies have been implemented for your convenience and peace of mind. Vacations are an opportunity to disconnect from the daily grind, reconnect with loved ones and relax, so we will do everything in our power to ensure our guests get the experience they deserve, even at a later date. Excellent customer service is at the heart of what we do and we are grateful for the trust you put in us.

Book With Confidence

Due to these uncertain times, we understand that you may need to reschedule travel dates. At Personal Villas we have been working diligently with our owners and partners to offer the most flexible travel plans.

Offering Our Guests Flexibility

For all rentals until Sept 1st we are offering refundable deposits less the 5% service fee. Villa guests that are unable to travel due to any Covid-19 travel restrictions may also reschedule travel within 1 year of original check-in date (same property, same rate category). For rentals beyond Sept 1st including Christmas & New Year rentals, we are working with owners and guests on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire with our team for more info.

Consider Travel Insurance

For added peace of mind in the event of any unforeseen events, we do suggest travel insurance which can be obtained through our partner Rental Guardian . Please inquire for more info.

Plan the Perfect Getaway

Dreaming of your next vacation? Allow our villa specialists to email you a list of curated options, perfect for your ideal getaway. Take advantage of Personal Villas concierge services to pre-stock your villa with favorite groceries & beverages before arrival, airport transfers, activities & excursions with the best local tour companies, and anything else to make a relaxing stay.