Top 8 Things To Do With Kids in Puerto Vallarta

Now that Covid-19 restrictions are easing up and luxuries like travel are back on the cards, many families are starting to plan for their next big vacation. After the stress and worry of the pandemic, it goes without saying that both adults and kids are in dire need of a getaway for the chance to disconnect and, of course, have some fun. One of the main challenges is finding a location that truly accommodates visitors of all ages; somewhere teenagers won’t get bored, children are easily entertained, and parents can indulge too. But what kind of destination ticks all the boxes for a multi-generational family holiday?
A playground for both the young and old, Puerto Vallarta is steeped in rich history, immense natural beauty, exhilarating attractions, and tranquil spots to disconnect from the daily grind. Nestled on the shores on Mexico’s Pacific coast, this vibrant town draws in thousands of visitors every year thanks to its pristine-white beaches, tropical year-round climate and dazzling blue oceans. The bustling local culture and wealth of things to do makes this gem a popular destination for everyone, regardless of age or personality.
Many of our luxury villas in Puerto Vallarta are aimed at families with children of all ages and come equipped with entertaining amenities such as games rooms, billiard tables, water sport equipment and swimming pools. We understand, however, that a vacation should be spent enjoying the local town and all the unique wonders it has to offer. Check out the perfect way to fill your family holiday itinerary with Personal Villas ’s top 8 things to do with kids in Puerto Vallarta.

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Make your own chocolate at the Choco Museo Would you like to indulge in something sweet during your getaway in Puerto Vallarta? If so, don’t miss out on the chance to visit the Choco Museo ! After learning about the history of chocolate, the process of turning the cacao bean into an edible delight and partaking in a sampling session, families can sign up for the museum’s famous chocolate-making workshop. In the classes you can choose to prepare truffles, chocolate sauces or chocolate bars in a variety of molds. The Mini Chocolate Workshop is great for families with a busy schedule as it packs everything into a fun 45 minute experience and enables kids to choose their own fillings.

Sign up for a whale watching excursion Thanks to the Mexican coast’s rich marine life, whale watching excursions are an absolute favorite among visitors. Between December and March, families can sign up to embark on an aquatic adventure and catch a glimpse of the majestic humpback whales during their migration. The expert guides provide an interesting and insightful tour that allows guests to connect with nature and enjoy the serene experience of being out in the open ocean. Spotting these gentle giants in their natural habitat makes for an unforgettable experience so make sure you tick this one off the bucket list!

Spend the day at Playa de Muertos Playa de Muertos is an exciting city beach that has everything any family could ask for. Beyond the dazzling sand and gentle turquoise waters, the beach is filled with sunbeds and tropical straw-thatched umbrellas for visitors to bask in the lovely ambiance. Youngsters can enjoy snorkeling and a game of beach volleyball whilst older kids can take a ride in a banana boat. It’s also possible for thrill-seekers to try their hand at jet skiing, paddle boarding and parasailing. Don’t forget to stay fueled with ice cream and refreshments from the local vendors. After a day of fun and relaxation, hit up one of the casual restaurants along the boardwalk to enjoy the epic sunset and a bite to eat.

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Have a blast at Aquaventuras Water Park Both children and grownups are guaranteed a day of fun and excitement on the Aquaventuras attractions. Puerto Vallarta’s only water park boasts ten exhilarating slides, numerous flumes, swimming pools and a lazy river float. If you don’t think that is enough to make an amazing outing, then don’t worry – there’s more! Every day families have the chance to go for a swim and interact with dolphins and sea lions as the park promotes the conservation of marine mammals. Aquaventuras also recently introduced a zip-lining circuit and a rock climbing wall, so adventurers can take a break from the water and try something new! Luckily, the park is suitable for young kids and Little Water World ensures a memorable experience.

Embark on a thrilling jungle safariIf you’re a fan of outdoor adventures and breathtaking nature, Puerto Vallarta is the place to be. Families with older kids or teenagers can sign up for a thrilling safari tour in the region’s lush jungle from the comfort of an open all-terrain truck. Upon arrival, you’ll embark on a 45-minute guided jungle tour allowing you to explore the areas rich with tropical flora and fauna, so don’t forget to bring a camera! The expedition ends with a barbecue on the beach and the opportunity to go for a swim and cool off in the ocean. A perfect full day of fun.

Watch an incredible dinner showRated as one of Puerto Vallarta’s top events by the New York Times, Rhythms of the Night dinner show blends captivating spiritual rituals and incredible dance performances to take viewers on an exciting journey through Mexico’s history and folklore. What’s more, this dining experience and enchanting spectacle is enjoyed onboard an evening cruise across the magical Banderas Bay. The show is heavily influenced by the Cirque du Soleil so children of all ages can enjoy the live music, magic tricks, performance pieces and bright neon colors. An event unlike any other!

Take a stroll along El Malécon promenade Considered the hub of hustle and bustle in Puerto Vallarta, El Malécon beach boardwalk is full of things to see and do. A saunter along the promenade offers the chance to enjoy street performances, listen to traditional Mexican Mariachi bands and enjoy the stunning ocean views. El Malécon is lined with various street stalls selling delicious local food, such as grilled fish and tacos, reminding us that excellent cuisine isn’t always synonymous with fine dining. This entertaining stroll is perfect for experiencing the local culture and for some casual family fun.

Go on a horseriding tourLooking to explore the breathtaking Sierra Madre mountain range? We’ve got just the thing. Numerous tour operators in Puerto Vallarta offer horseback tours in the lush green jungle, leading guests past mesmerizing waterfalls and tropical foliage. The excursions are perfect for children and first-time riders as the horses are tame and the route is done at a slow pace. During the trips there are plenty of breaks to enjoy the incredible views too. Don’t forget to book this tour during your stay at our luxury villas in Puerto Vallarta .

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