Top 5 Private Beaches in St. Martin

It’s no surprise that visiting private beaches are on many travelers’ bucket lists. The idea of lounging in the sun on an unspoiled stretch of sand surrounded by nothing but palm trees and lapping waves is absolutely irresistible. No worries about overcrowding or arriving early to claim a prime spot. You deserve nothing less.
Did you know that many of our luxury villas in St. Martin are tucked away on gorgeous private beaches? Take a moment to imagine waking up in the morning to the sound of rhythmic waves and enjoying your morning coffee as you gaze across the serene turquoise ocean. Whether it’s a morning dip in the sea, a day basking in the sun or an evening jog along the shore, you’ll have the opportunity of a lifetime to spend quality time with loved ones in your very own sandy playground. This idyllic and blissful getaway is 100% possible at our beachfront villas.
We understand, however, that a luxury vacation is about exploring your destination in style. Personal Villas has compiled a list of the top 5 private beaches in St. Martin so travelers can indulge in secluded stretches of sand and avoid crowded tourist traps at all costs.

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Happy Bay

During your stay on the island, don’t miss the chance to relish the tranquil, Caribbean ambiance of Happy Bay. Thanks to its slightly challenging access, this unspoiled beach rarely sees crowds so you can take your pick from the generous bevy of premium sunbathing spots. Aside from the occasional drinks vendor and a small BBQ stand, Happy Bay is void of amenities, bars and cafes, so make sure you come prepared with a picnic.

Although it’s not possible to reach these pristine shores by car, visitors can arrive by boat or drive to Friars Bay and take a pleasant 15-minute hike to the beach. Spend the day snorkeling in the crystal blue ocean and relaxing in the shade of one of the many palm trees that line the shore. All beaches in St. Martin permit toplessness, but at Happy Bay swimwear is optional. Don’t be surprised to see folk strolling around nude!
Pinel Island

If you fancy an adventure, a day trip to Pinel Island is an absolute must. Located east of Cul-de-Sac in the French part of St. Martin, this little gem can be accessed (and explored) by ferry, kayak or paddleboard. The calm waters and breathtaking nature make this spot a favorite for locals and visitors alike but, despite its popularity, Pinel Island is home to an incredible hidden beach located north. Thanks to its pristine waters, this secluded shore is a prime snorkeling spot that offers an unbeatable opportunity to see the tropical and abundant marine life of the region. But that’s not all! The island is home to a large population of iguanas, who can be found lounging on the beach and in palm trees. Don’t be afraid to approach these friendly creatures as they’re accustomed to visitors and more than happy to be fed.

It’s worth embarking on one of Pinel’s many hiking trails too. The routes allow for the perfect chance to admire the island’s flora and fauna, as well as the outstanding panoramic views of the surrounding islands (St. Martin, St. Barth, Tintamarre and Anguilla). After a day of exploration, enjoy a well-deserved respite at one of Pinel’s beachfront restaurants. Both serve exquisite French cuisine and exotic cocktails – what’s not to love?

Baie Longue

Undoubtedly the longest stretch of secluded pearl-white sands on the island, Baie Longue is perfect for disconnecting from the daily grind and the hustle and bustle of life back home. For those in St. Martin to celebrate a honeymoon or an anniversary, the serene atmosphere of this beach makes for an unforgettable evening of romance. Whether it is a gentle stroll or an epic sunset, you’ll leave Baie Longue feeling connected to your loved one. Due to this private beach’s fame as a prime peaceful location, it’s not uncommon to see visitors meditating or doing yoga along the shore. If you’re looking to unwind during your stay at our luxury villas in St. Martin , a visit to the beautiful Baie Longue is on the cards.

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Cupecoy Bay

Discover your very own slice of paradise on the soft sandy shores of Cupecoy Bay. Situated in the south-western part of the island, this beach is the last you’ll come across on the Dutch side before crossing over into St. Martin’s French counterpart. Cupecoy is encompassed by gorgeous limestone cliffs, giving the beach a spectacular golden backdrop that blends beautifully with its rich sands. The formation of the rocks makes for excellent secluded alcoves and offers the ultimate protection from the wind, so ensure you bring a beach umbrella and take regular dips in the calm waters to cool off. Swimwear is optional so Cupecoy is ideal for sun worshippers looking to get a full-body tan. If you fancy a drink, vendors regularly walk along the shore selling cold beers and there are also a few beach bars in the area. Many claim the sunsets here are the best on the island, so find a cozy spot in one of the coves and prepare to be spellbound.

Petites Cayes

As one of the island’s best hidden beaches, Petites Cayes has rightfully earned its place on our list. To reach this exclusive spot you must set out on a 2.5km hike from Anse Marcel in the northern tip of St. Martin. The route will lead you through St. Martin’s last untouched forest and, although the rocky trail can be challenging at points, the end result is more than worth it if you value privacy. The effort to find Petites Cayes means that it is almost always deserted and you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a sunbathing spot. This hidden gem is perfect for those looking to reconnect with nature or simply cherish a moment of serenity, as the beach is bordered by lush greenery and palm trees. Those who love to swim and snorkel will find endless ways to explore Petites Cayes’ splendid blue waters and may even chance upon the region’s abundant marine life, such as sea turtles. On the occasion that the waves are more powerful, expect to see some surfers gliding across the ocean.

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