Romantic Getaway Ideas in Puerto Vallarta

Whether it’s a honeymoon or a holiday, it goes without saying that Puerto Vallarta is the perfect destination for a passion-fuelled getaway. Recognized as one of the most romantic cities in the world, every year thousands of couples and lovers find themselves spellbound by Puerto Vallarta’s soft pristine beaches, serene turquoise oceans and breathtaking sunsets. However, this unique location is so much more than a sun-soaked beach resort. Private yacht excursions, vibrant cultural attractions, outdoor adventures and picturesque local towns will keep you and that special someone entertained all day, whilst fine-dining restaurants, high-end cocktail bars and fancy nightclubs make for an exciting evening together.

If you’re thinking of staying in one of our luxury villas in Puerto Vallarta , read on to discover our top amazing ideas for the perfect romantic getaway.Book a couple’s massage

Perfect for harmonizing your energies and evoking a deep state of relaxation, a soothing massage with your beloved is the ideal romantic activity. Apart from inspiring vitality and tranquility, a good massage will leave you in the perfect headspace to connect with each other and fully immerse into vacation mode. Many of our luxury villas in Puerto Vallarta have the option to book a professional masseuse so you can enjoy a massage from the comfort of your home. However, if you’d prefer a change of scene, the town’s Romantic Zone is home to numerous spa and wellness centers that offer an array of therapeutic couple’s massages. Options range from deep tissue massages (focusing on trigger points to relieve tension) to aromatherapy (using essential oils to enhance emotional and spiritual wellbeing). Don’t miss out on this sensual experience!


Fine DiningPuerto Vallarta is home to a diverse array of fine-dining establishments that serve up mouth-watering dishes and boast an incredible ambience. Offering a gourmet selection of many world cuisines, from French to Italian to local Mexican dishes, there’s no doubt you’ll find a spot to your liking.

Did you know that oysters are considered an aphrodisiac? Luckily, Puerto Vallarta was originally founded as a fishing village, so seafood remains a rich and integral part of the local diet. Oyster Grill La Docena is located on the beachfront and serves up this delicacy, as well as many fresh seafood platters. These dishes are best enjoyed with a cold beer or one of the restaurant’s many fancy cocktails. The buzz from the Malecon promenade combined with the stunning ocean views make for an unbeatable ambience for love birds!

If you prefer a more sophisticated and traditional romantic setting, Bistro Bleu is the place to be. Expect waiters in suits, impeccable service, a grand piano musician and dazzling chandeliers. Patrons tend to dine in fairly formal attire so an evening at Bistro Bleu is the perfect excuse for you and your partner to get dressed to impress! The menu offers a range of French dishes, such as filet mignon and onion soup, as well as an extensive list of fine wines. The sommeliers are knowledgeable, friendly and professional, ensuring that you enjoy a wine perfectly matched to your palette and meal. Book a table outdoors in the evening to relish a dreamy sunset together.Sign up for a tequila tasting tourIf you’re on vacation in Puerto Vallarta with your significant other, a tequila tasting session is an absolute must. Mexico’s state of Jalisco is the only place in the world where authentic tequila is produced as the beverage must be distilled here to not be considered a mezcal. Luckily, this means that a vast range of tequila tours and tastings are available throughout town. You can opt for a traditional tour where an expert will explain and prepare local tequilas, or you can sign up for a chic mixology class to make some fun tequila-based cocktails! Who doesn’t like a frozen margarita on vacation?

There’s also the option of embarking on an excursion to the towns of Toriles and Tequila to spend a day exploring Aztec ruins and mysterious buildings. A professional guide will explain the interesting history of the towns, traditional tequila distillery techniques and, of course, the authentic Mexican way to consume a tequila shot. A little Dutch courage never hurt anyone – who knows what romantic secrets could be revealed after a few tequilas?

Go horse riding on the beach

Straight out of a romance movie, a horse riding trip offers the perfect opportunity for you and that special someone to connect with nature. A typical horseback tour in Puerto Vallarta will take you through the Sierra Madre mountains and the tropical rainforest, before rounding off on a beautiful pristine beach. You’ll come across charming villages, dazzling rivers and incredible panoramic views of the region. The route is done in quiet open spaces and, along the way, a guide will happily offer information about the local flora and fauna. Whether you’re enjoying a first date or celebrating many years together, this magical horseback trip is the ideal romantic activity!


Spend a day at Playa Del AmorThe aptly named ‘Lover’s Beach’ is an iconic romantic hotspot on Las Islas Marietas, about 22 miles from Puerto Vallarta. Commonly referred to as the Hidden Beach, it’s best described as a secluded open-top cavern with a lush beach inside. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places you will ever see, this sanctuary is so ethereal and fairytale-like that many who see pictures believe it must be photoshopped! Make sure to plan your trip here carefully, as the beach can only be accessed at low tide. Professional tours leave from Puerto Vallarta each day and you can choose to swim into the gorgeous dome or arrive by kayak.
Thanks to its secretive and off-the-beaten-track location, Lover’s Beach isn’t at all crowded with tourists, making it an exclusive romantic setting to spend the day with someone special. Your time can be easily divided between basking in the sun atop the majestic sands and snorkellng in the crystal-blue ocean. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable day trip of a lifetime during your stay at one of Personal Villas ‘ luxury villas in Puerto Vallarta!