Luxury Vegan Travel in St. Martin

This paradisiacal Caribbean island is divided into two constituent countries from the Netherlands and France: Sint Maarten and Saint Martin, respectively. A visit to each half of the island reveals its dual personality and some notable culture differences too. The Dutch side, for instance, is far more commercially developed and boasts an array of flashy shops and copious casinos, thus luring in flocks of partygoers looking to indulge in a vibrant atmosphere and world-class entertainment at all hours. On the other hand, St. Martin’s charm lies in its strong European influence and refined French culture (think artisanal pastry shops and fine-dining restaurants) as well as a serene and tranquil environment that offers travelers a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Despite this polarity, one aspect that unites both sides is exceptional cuisine. Thanks to the multiculturalism of these European nations combined with a rich Caribbean heritage, the island is home to some of the most extraordinary flavors and fusion cuisine in the world. But, that being said, is luxury vegan travel in St. Martin a possibility?
It goes without saying that travelling with dietary requirements can be both challenging and limiting. Whilst it is becoming easier and easier to navigate different countries as a vegetarian, unfortunately veganism remains uncommon in many parts of the world and undoubtedly less understood. This, combined with a strong language barrier, often leaves vegan travelers with few – if any – options in restaurants and cafes. Of course, basic staple foods like fruit, vegetables and rice can always be bought at local shops and markets, but the lack of excitement and the inability to participate in certain aspects of the local food culture can have a negative impact on the vacation experience.
Luckily, as the vegan diet has become a more popular lifestyle choice over the past decade, St. Martin has easily adapted to this new trend. The island has seen growth in this area with the arrival of new ecological and cruelty-free businesses. Many long-standing establishments have also made the effort to accommodate veganism by, for example, introducing more items to their menu and offering dairy-free alternatives. Even the local supermarkets have played a crucial role in meeting these new dietary standards. Supermarché Monoprix in the French capital of Marigot stocks a diverse array of vegan products, such as candy, ice cream, cheese and wine, making luxury vegan travel in St. Martin more accessible and mainstream than ever.


Best Vegan Restaurants in St. Martin

Rainbow Café

Described as a “unique experience in paradise”, the bohemian Rainbow Café offers visitors a luxury beachfront dining experience in a chic ambience. The restaurant specializes in tapas and lunch dishes that blend the very best of French and Caribbean flavors. Although not exclusively vegan, the menu includes delicious meat alternatives, such as tofu, to ensure that all patrons can savour the rich signature tastes. Enjoy the gentle ocean breeze and the incredible views overlooking the Grand Case Bay whilst world-class chefs prepare your mind-blowing vegan dish. What’s not to like?

Top Carrot

Looking for something delicious, healthy and fresh? If so, Top Carrot is 100% the place to be. Located in the heart of Simpson Bay, this little gem is an absolute favorite amongst vegan travelers. The Mediterranean menu ranges from small plates and mezze to wraps and platters. Expect to taste some of the most flavorsome falafels, roasted vegetables and vegan curries of your life. Top Carrot also caters to its sweet-toothed customers with mouth-watering cupcakes and home-baked goods.

Aside from the incredible dishes, many visitors praise the restaurant’s ambience. The decorations consist of plush seating areas, bright wall hangings, dazzling mirrors, indigenous ornaments and wind chimes. After your meal don’t forget to take a look around the gift shop. Here you can buy natural health remedies, healing stones, accessories and much more – all of the products are free from animal testing and organic.


Freedom Fighters Ital ShackThis may not be the typical fine-dining restaurant, but the Freedom Fighters Ital Shack offers one of the most authentic and enriching food experiences on the island. Paying homage to the Rastifarian lifestyle at the heart of Caribbean culture, the restaurant values nature, health and well-being above all else. All of the products here are 100% locally-sourced and organic, upholding the belief that we must take care of our bodies by consuming natural products from the earth. Don’t expect to come across any typical supermarket brands here, instead, you’ll have the privilege of enjoying delicious homemade vegan dishes, freshly prepared using vegetables from the restaurant’s very own garden. Some all-time favorites amongst regulars are the soups, rotis and lentil burger patties. Wash down the scrumptious meal with one of the Ital Shack’s homemade juices too!
Welcoming each guest with a smile and delivering a personalized service, the proud owners of the Ital Shack embody Caribbean hospitality. There isn’t often a set menu so customers will be served the dish of the day, which truly adds to the cosy feeling of home dining and creates a warm ambience. This restaurant opened up years before veganism was popular and has rightfully earned its place in the St. Martin hall of fame. Not to be missed.


Veganism At Our Luxury Villas in St. Martin

As proud advocates of luxury travel and offering our elite guests the most exclusive experiences, Personal Villas always aims to ensure your getaway of a lifetime is 100% adapted to your needs. Simply let us know what you have in mind – your wish is our command!

Many of our luxury villas in St. Martin offer a grocery delivery service for your arrival and the staff often includes a personal chef. If you follow a particular diet, such as veganism, don’t hesitate to let our friendly team know during your booking. We strive to do our best to accommodate you and will gladly make the arrangements to ensure that your gourmet meals are prepared with no animal products and that fresh organic products are stocked in your kitchen. We understand the difficulties vegan travelers may face abroad, but let us reassure you that Personal Villas believes each guest is entitled to an unforgettable and world-class experience customized to their personality and lifestyle.