Best Beachfront Villas in Punta Mita, Mexico

Can you imagine nothing standing between your luxury beach villa and the dazzling ocean? These uninterrupted panoramic views could be all yours. Apart from logistics such as the number of bedrooms and facilities, the most important factor in choosing a vacation rental is undoubtedly the location.
If you’re looking for a beachfront luxury villa in Punta Mita, it’s likely your vacation is centered on relaxation and pampering. Did you know that living next to the sea has serious health benefits for your body and mind? Scientists have discovered that the calm repetitive sound of the waves naturally soothes our brains and lulls us into a deep state of tranquillity. If your ideal getaway involves disconnecting from the daily grind and basking in the sun atop soft golden sands, then a beachfront villa is a no brainer.
The wealth of exquisite beauty surrounding your Punta Mita vacation rental will draw you outside and fill you with inspiration. Vacation means different things for different people, but luckily, this natural coastal setting provides easy access to both exercise and leisure activities for all the family. Whether you want to try your hand at a water sport, jog along the shore as the sun sets or start your day with a fresh swim in the ocean, choosing a waterfront home means everything your heart desires is no more than a stone’s throw away.
Are you yearning for an exclusive and paradisiacal beach getaway? If you’re reading this blog post, the odds are good. Check out our top recommended beachfront luxury villas in Punta Mita:

Estate Jabali

Located on the shore of Punta Mita’s most exclusive private estate, this beachfront villa is the epitome of luxury. Boasting seven bedrooms and bathrooms, this whopping 4000 sqft home will have you and your party living like royalty. The interior design is fresh and sophisticated, with the cream walls ensuring the space feels open and inviting whilst naturally drawing in the glowing sunshine. The furniture and structures are predominately made of fine woods, making guests feel even more immersed in the stunning environment that encompasses the villa. The long windows around the back of the house are surrounded by lush greenery that beautifully contrasts with the front-facing ocean views. Estate Jabali will truly allow you to get in touch with nature. Wanting you to make the most of the private beach experience, Personal Villas also provides surf boards, body boards and kayaks with this Punta Mita vacation rental.
Despite the magnificent indoor decor, it goes without saying that Estate Jabali’s exterior steals the show. Imagine sliding open your bedroom door to be met with an astounding view of the turquoise ocean, pristine white sands and an assortment of tropical trees. Your morning coffee can be enjoyed from the comfort of the shaded patio or, even better, in the elegant curvaceous infinity pool. Walk down a couple of steps into the villa’s ‘front garden’ and feel your feet sink into the soft sands. This area is lined with plush sunbeds for daytime lounging and equipped with a dining table and numerous fire pits to bring everyone together in the evening. Watching an epic sunset on a secluded beach with your loved ones makes for an unforgettable experience! Check it out!

Villa Pacifica

beachfront luxury villa

Villa Pacifica was designed by the famous architect, Pepe de Yturbe, with elegance, grandeur and comfort in mind. This contemporary masterpiece magically blends traditional Mexican colors with modern sophistication, combining its incredible sense of space with the immense natural setting. With ocean views from its five bedrooms, an elongated infinity pool, hammocks draping between palm trees and impeccable service from the professional team of staff, this luxury villa in Punta Mita is one of the most sought-after rentals.

A private pathway from Villa Pacifica leads you directly onto a long stretch of secluded beach. The waves are gentle and the tropical marine life is abundant, making it the perfect spot for snorkeling and swimming. Whether you’re on vacation with all the family, celebrating with a group of friends or on a romantic honeymoon getaway, this beachfront luxury villa will mesmerize and charm everyone who has the privilege of crossing its threshold. Check it out!

Estate Otoño

Located in an enviable coastal location on the very tip of the exclusive Punta Mita resort, Estate Otoño overlooks the glistening Pacific Ocean and provides private access to a natural unspoiled beach. The renowned architects behind Estate Otoño designed each room with the intention of evoking a zen ambience as well as inspiring meditation and mindfulness. This is most obvious in the villa’s exterior where the reflective infinity pool seamlessly blends with both the sky and sea, creating the illusion of a blissful endlessness.
One of the villa’s most impressive features is the outdoor terrace area covered by a rustic palm-thatched roof. This space boasts a large tropical dining table, spectacular panoramic views and wooden chandeliers gracefully suspended from the ceiling. Reconnecting with nature and immersing yourself in the idyllic environment is made easy thanks to the villa’s architecture. The combination of rustic stone walls, broad wooden beams, earthy tones and indigenous features transforms the vacation rental into an ethereal sanctuary. The rooms are furnished with comfortable softs to provide a wealth of intimate retreats for guests to enjoy a book or indulge in a glass of wine. Ideal for relaxing with family and friends as well as the perfect base to explore Punta Mita, this beachfront luxury villa is an all-time favorite. Check it out here!

Estate Alamo

This Punta Mita villa is best described as exclusive, mystical and charming. Nestled on a majestic cliff at the beachfront, Estate Alamo is the resort’s best kept secret. Winding wooden boardwalks lined with lavish greenery is the only way to access the villa and the shore, evoking a sense of wonder and adventure upon arrival. This is one of Personal Villas’ most requested vacation rental.
Estate Alamo oozes with style thanks to its 75ft infinity pool lining width of the house and mosaic-tiled jacuzzi perched on the hillside. This luxury beach villa fuses local materials and a neutral color palette with artisanal furnishings to create an exotic, yet sophisticated, ambience for its guests. In and around the property you’ll find an authentic pizza oven, a plush outdoor lounging area, massage machines, a gym, boardgames, sport equipment and much more. Be careful, this villa is so perfect you might never leave! Learn more here .