Personal travel guide written by Stacy, a Personal Villas ‘villa tester’.

Although it only covers 15 miles (24 Km) long and 3 miles (4.8 Km), Anguilla Island has many outdoor attractions and restaurants for such a small island. It has a population of about 13,000 persons, and you can really feel the relaxing Caribbean vibe without dealing with crowds. I personally loved our stopovers at the following spots and would highly recommend them for vacationers in the Caribbean.

Anguilla Beaches
We had a challenging time picking up which beach to start off with as there were 33 different beaches to choose from. A lot of the beaches that we visited were secluded and popular beaches like the Shoal Bay East were empty, which is quite uncharacteristic of it.

To the west of the island lies Meads Bay, which features shiny and smooth sand particles, turquoise waters and spectacular views of the sea. It receives smaller crowds with many eating options. Enjoy eating at the Banchards Beach shack that prepares some delectable Caribbean cuisines.

Sandy Island
One of the memorable things to do while in Anguilla is to take a tour to the Sandy Island. Located off the shores of Sandy Ground, the lonely island is one-of-a-kind. As the name suggests, it’s purely sand and a few palms and a restaurant that specializes in seafood and chilled beverages. A day out to Sandy Island is the perfect getaway especially if you’re in search of a grilled lobster. Besides, I felt as if I were part of the marine environment.

Indulge in Food and Music at Dune Preserve
Only a handful of travellers in Anguilla know about Dune Preserve. Owned by musician Bankie Banx, the beachfront restaurant is a nice place to grab a palatable dish as you listen to entertaining music. It has a ramshackle interior that draws visitors and beach lovers to have lunch and dinner. For the best experience, visit this marquee music joint after dark. Sometimes, Banx takes time to entertain his guests and often plays alongside renowned artists. When I was there, he was joined by Marcia Griffith, a Jamaican songstress.

Go for a Sail with Tradition Sailing
Sailing is one of the best activities in the Caribbean. Tradition sailing provided us the chance to board a sailboat, which I learnt was the only means of accessing Little Bay. Immediately we reached the bay, I alighted the boat and went on a snorkeling expedition. That’s when I appreciated the marine ecosystem that gives life to the beautiful coral reefs.

What to Eat in Anguilla
I’d really recommend that you try the Anguilla crayfish. The crayfish here are not the sort that you find in the U.S. They are huge. I’m talking about a size that matches a prawn. The locals tipped us that crayfish dishes taste better than lobsters. I decided to give it a try, and I must confess that it tasted really good.

While at Mead’s Bay, I found the Blanchard’s Beach Shack to be a haven for food lovers. We found several visitors and locals already flocking the shack, but at least we found a place to sit and dine, as there are picnic tables and chairs. It is the right place to find tasty burgers, tacos, hot dogs, salads, wraps, tuna, chicken tenders and a collection of cocktails and beer. Other outdoor restaurants to try include Kenn’s BBQ, Sandy Island and Pimms.