7 Unique Things To Do in Puerto Vallarta

Lined with immense stretches of turquoise ocean and encompassed by an ensemble of majestic mountains, this popular tourist destination has a unique charm that will leave you spellbound by its allure. No matter your taste, Puerto Vallarta has everything you could want in an idyllic vacation: stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, outdoor adventures, rich cultural heritage and world-class cuisine. Ideal for wandering and disconnecting from the daily grind, this picture-perfect destination is known for its terracotta rooftops, epic sunsets and winding cobblestone streets.
If you and your party are looking for a different getaway, somewhere buzzing with life and surrounded by nature, staying at our luxury villas in Puerto Vallarta is undoubtedly the right choice. But what can this paradise offer you? Check out these seven unique things to do in Puerto Vallarta that our team can include in your trip:
Go on a food tourDid you know that Mexican food was the first cuisine in the world to reach UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list? If that isn’t reason enough to take a food tour, Puerto Vallarta is renowned for its exquisite local dishes, ranging from ceviche and octopus to tamales and enchiladas. Thanks to the combination of international chefs, a famous gastronomy festival, traditional Mexican recipes and easy access to both land and sea ingredients, this town has successfully established itself as an important culinary destination.
Due to their popularity, food tours can be taken in a variety of ways. Many visitors opt for the traditional walking food tour as it offers diverse tastings and tends to be accompanied with a guided cultural history talk. For those wanting a more authentic, nitty-gritty foodie experience (think grandma’s homemade delights) then a tour of Puerto Vallarta’s street stalls is on the cards. Watching the streets come alive at night whilst tasting mouth-watering tacos is enough to prove that world class cuisine isn’t only synonymous with fine dining!
One of the most unique ways to experience Mexican culture is through its culinary gems so don’t miss out!

Visit Playa del Amor

Puerto Vallarta and its neighbouring towns are home to some of Mexico’s most dazzling beaches and are well worth a visit in their own right. However, there’s something special about the Playa del Amor (“beach of love”), nestled away in Las Islas Marietas about an hour from Puerto Vallarta. Commonly known as the Hidden Beach, this magical spot is best described as an open-top cavern in which white sand blends beautifully with sparkling blue water. This phenomenal beach is so otherworldly that, upon seeing pictures, many believe it must be photoshopped! The cavern can only be accessed at low tide and through a water tunnel, so it’s popular to make the journey by kayak. An ideal adventure for friends and couples alike; a day basking in the sun at Playa del Amor feels like a reward and a blessing.Partake in local festivities

Puerto Vallarta has a unique vibrant ambience that attracts both visitors and locals to their year-round festivities. Although these celebrations honour various themes (religion, history, gastronomy, art), they tend to be epitomised by colorful street decorations, food, drinks, dancing and fireworks. Of all the festivities that take place in Puerto Vallarta, the Fiestas de Mayo is the most emblematic and considered one of the best in Mexico. This month of traditional fair brings entertainment, games and attractions to the town, followed by one final week of national and international talent displayed through theatre performances, sport competitions and artistic exhibitions.

Other notable celebrations include the Day of the Dead, Fiesta de Guadalupe, Carnaval, Revolution Day and, of course, the annual two-day Taco Festival. Plan your trip at the right moment and seize the opportunity to experience these cultural traditions in Mexico’s self-proclaimed festival capital!

Have an extreme sport experience
Puerto Vallarta may be heaven for sun worshippers, but it is also a paradise for adrenaline junkies! Do you like the idea of ziplining at top speed for two miles above a river valley? Or perhaps you’d rather hop out a plane and skydive over the town’s gorgeous scenery? Aside from traditional extreme activities, Puerto Vallarta offers more exclusive sports too, such as quad biking, parasailing, whitewater rafting and flyboarding (a new trend that involves hovering above the sea as jets of water blast from the board). Thanks to the unique geography and nature surrounding Puerto Vallarta, the extreme sport opportunities are accessible and wide-ranging.

Visit Los Muertos Pier at night time
Inaugurated in 2013, this architectural masterpiece brings charm and glamour to Puerto Vallarta’s most popular beach. The pier is structured around a centrepiece resembling a curved sail and provides a spectacular view of both the ocean and the city. During the day Los Muertos Pier is bustling with tourists taking water taxis and boat tours, but it is at night time that this wonder really comes alive. When darkness falls, the structure lights up and gracefully rotates through a series of changing colors, showering Puerto Vallarta’s beachfront with an eccentric gleam. This is often accompanied by the sound of Mariachi musicians playing traditional Mexican ballads along the promenade. A truly unforgettable ambience!

Attend a tequila and raicilla tasting
Mexico’s state of Jalisco – where Puerto Vallarta is situated – has the optimal conditions for cultivating the blue agave plant from which tequila is distilled. Unsurprisingly, almost all authentic tequila is produced in this region, making Puerto Vallarta a hotspot for tasting Mexico’s signature liquor. The downtown area boasts a wide array of tequila tours, tastings and mixology classes for the more strong-stomached among us.

That’s not all. Although tequila is generally considered to be one of the world’s more hardcore spirits, a stronger homegrown version called raicilla is brewed in the mountains surrounding Puerto Vallarta. Sometimes referred to as ‘Mexican Moonshine’, raicilla has evolved from a bootleg liquor sold at street stalls to a legitimate and recognized mezcal variant. Don’t miss out on this mind-blowing experience (and always drink responsibly!).

Take a day trip on the Marigalante Pirate Ship

An iconic hallmark of Puerto Vallarta’s coast, the Marigalante is an authentic Spanish galleon constructed to replicate Christopher Columbus’s Santa Maria ship. Nowadays, this unique marvel takes up to 240 passengers on sea tours full of adventure and excitement. The fun dramatized pirate theme makes it a popular tourist attraction for adults and children alike. The Marigalante day excursion includes water sport activities and an exhilarating treasure hunt, whereas the evening tour consists of a pirate show, dancing and fireworks. An absolute must see!

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