5 Unforgettable Restaurants in Punta Mita

Many guests who stay in our luxury villas in Punta Mita are accustomed to high-end gourmet dining establishments and value exquisite local cuisine. Luckily, this exclusive resort town has drawn in first-class chefs from around the world, many of whom own and run restaurants across the region. Aside from traditional Mexican dishes, Punta Mita’s gastronomic culture includes innovative fusion cuisine and the use of locally-sourced ingredients. No matter what your taste, the Punta Mita dining experience will take you to another level.
This tropical destination is home to a broad variety of restaurants, ranging from fine dining spots within the resort’s numerous luxury hotels to independent eateries offering authentic local dishes and mouth-watering street food. Travelers are spoiled for choice when it comes to restaurants in Punta Mita, so it can be rather challenging to narrow down the options during your getaway. To ensure you indulge in delicious and memorable dining experiences, Personal Villas has compiled a list below of 5 unforgettable restaurants you won’t regret trying.

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AramaraLocated inside the incredible Four Seasons Hotel, Aramara is a popular dining choice among guests. The restaurant’s name – meaning “sacred place by the ocean” in the native Huichol language – is 100% reflective of the unforgettable experience every diner is bound to have. Thanks to its breathtaking views and its romantic terrace overlooking the Pacific Coast, Aramara is the perfect spot to celebrate a honeymoon or a special anniversary.
This oasis beautifully blends the best of Asian cuisine with local ingredients. The seafood is caught fresh daily and many of the spices and herbs are bought from markets in nearby fishing towns. Head chef, Esther Sanchez, traveled to Asia to learn traditional cooking techniques first hand before heading back to Mexico to create her exclusive dinner menu at Aramara, so you can expect dishes prepared with class and style! Guest favorites include the scorpion rolls with tempura shrimp, the crispy octopus skewers and five-spice roast duck. Luckily, the menu offers a range of vegetarian and vegan options too, such as green coconut curry and crispy tofu in Vietnamese sauce. Don’t forget to wash down the delicious dish with wine from the restaurant’s renowned cellar. If you’re looking to try a new fusion cuisine within a luxurious setting Aramara is not to be missed!
Tuna BlancaSituated on the shores of Punta Mita’s pristine white beach, the award-winning Tuna Blanca is undoubtedly one of the resort’s best restaurants. Seamlessly blending a vibrant and warm ambiance with exquisite and luxurious cuisine, this beachfront gem draws in tourists and locals alike. Guests have the option of dining outdoors on the covered wooden terrace or inside the elegant main salon, both of which make for an unforgettable meal.
As the name suggests, tuna is the showstopper here. Freshly caught around Las Islas Marietas by local fishermen, the white tuna fish is an absolute favorite dish among customers. The restaurant also offers a 5-course tasting menu, showcasing the very best gourmet specialties and flavors of the region. To complement the food, guests can choose from a diverse array of tequila-based beverages or from a selection of fine wines. The friendly and knowledgeable waiters are happy to help you select a drink suited to your meal. Aside from world-class cuisine, patrons enjoy epic sunsets and live music at this chic restaurant – what’s not to love?

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Norma’s TacosIf you’re looking for hearty and authentic Mexican food, then Norma’s Tacos is the place to be. It goes without saying that visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to upmarket luxurious restaurants in Punta Mita. Sometimes, however, the most memorable dining experiences happen at local eateries. Situated in the residential neighborhood of Punta Mita, the legendary Norma’s Tacos has customers spilling over onto the street every evening. Claimed by many to be the best tacos in the world, the menu includes flavors like birria, adobada and al pastor. You can also enjoy quesadillas, enchiladas and pozole (served at weekends only).
The restaurant is proudly run by Norma and her husband, both of whom offer the warm hospitality and service at the heart of Mexican culture. The owners encourage customers to bring their own beers to enjoy during the meal or to try the house special horchata (a sweet milk made from nuts). It’s hard to only visit Norma’s Tacos once, so don’t be surprised if you end up being a repeat customer!
BahíaThe aptly named Bahía (bay in Spanish) is located in a prime spot on Las Cuevas beach, inviting patrons to enjoy the Pacific’s rhythmic waves and breathtaking ocean views. This chic beachfront grill is the definition of tropical meets luxury, as it offers guests an outdoor dining experience in a vibrant ambiance. Being located directly on the beach means that freshly-caught seafood is one of the menu’s highlights. Chef Sandoval, however, ensures that each of his dishes is prepared with a unique spin, such as the inclusion of signature sauces or local ingredients. All of the fish, meat and vegetables are cooked in a wood burning grill to add a rich, smokey kick to the world-class dishes.
Bahía ticks all of the boxes when it comes to fine-dining, including staff and service. Many recurring compliments from diners mention the warm welcome and attentiveness of the team, as well as their expertise with regards to the menu. Sommeliers are available to give wine recommendations that pair perfectly with your dish and tequila masters will gladly explain the variety of tequilas and mezcals. If fancy beach restaurants tickle your fancy, Bahía is an absolute must during your stay at our luxury villas in Punta Mita .

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MexiqueUnlike the other restaurants listed above, there’s something special about Mexique: it’s located on a beautiful finca. The dining area is laid out under large thatched huts surrounding the colorful farmhouse, creating a truly vibrant and warm ambiance. There is no set menu at Mexique. Instead, the owner prepares a few delicious plates each day and offers visitors what’s available. All the ingredients come from his own garden or local farms, ensuring the meals are organic and fresh. Following the popular fusion cuisine trend, Mexique proudly declares itself to be a Mexican-Thai restaurant and many plates combine traditional recipes with Asian dressings, such as ceviche with ginger soy sauce. While upmarket restaurants always have an appeal, don’t forget to give yourself the pleasure of sampling delicious local cuisine too.